The foundation “Happy With Water” has a lofty ambition. The ultimate goal is to make the difference for millions of people around the world. All those people who do not have access to clean and reliable drinking water in their immediate vicinity, will now be provided with fresh and healthy water at their doorstep!

To achieve this groundbreaking goal,  many people will have to put in their energy and passion! 


This is why the foundation wants to work with many volunteers. Working together to achieve this ambition and with anybody who is willing to make a contribution to achieve this great goal is the way to succes!

Volunteers with a background in engineering, alternative energy, marketing, PR, web management, accounting, social media, fundraising, networking in areas where our target audience is, etc. are most welcome.

At this point in time the organization is set up and the first prototype of the  basic water generator will soon see the light.

The first volunteer for the  foundation started working already. He is identifying candidate Chinese manufacturers who are willing to cooperate with us to develop and produce the first limited series of this basic water generator. This Chinese prototype can then be compared with various Dutch alternatives.