Concept 2

Basic-AWG-water generator will be developed for the poorest people in humid and warm circumstances in developing countries.

Starting point is a basic AWG water generator that produces a minimum of 10 liters per day. The quality of the water is such that it will not make people ill from drinking this water.

  • Cooling by using Peltier diodes and/absorption absorptie.
  • Working on solar energy
  • Making use of natural phenomena like temperature differences above and under ground, air dynamics caused by draft, temperature coefficient of the cooling surface, using time frames and places where the dew point can be reached with minimal use of energy, creating the Lotus effect by using hydrophobic coating .
  • Minimal production cost price (max € 200,- per basic-AWG-water generator).
  • Maintenance free, only cleaning
  • Robust and sturdy
  • Not easy to steal
  • Scalable
  • Easy to produce locally
  • Other production preferably in Nederland.
  • Distribution using existing NGO’s.


  • Raising funds
  • Building first prototype.
  • Test in climate room, water quality test
  • Build modified prototype.
  • test
  • repeated tests of modifications resulting in feasible prototype 
  • Field tests in developing countries
  • Production of performance chart based on relative humidity and temperature in terms of liters of water produced.
  • General publicity and  promotion aimed at relevant NGO’s.

Budget planning for development project including necessary publicity

  • 10 modifications resulting in  prototype.
  • Material:                                                                               € 15.000,-
  • Rent climate rooms:                                                           € 10.000,-
  • Water quality tests:                                                               € 1.000,-
  • Field performance tests:                                                      € 5.000,-
  • Labour: 6 months 2 man á €60,-/hr ex btw                € 172.500,-
  • 10% unforseen                                                                     € 20.000,-
  • Total:                                                                                    € 223.500,-

Result: A prototype  basic-AWG-water generator that meets the above mentioned requirements and that can be produced locally. 

Production cost price  per liter water (7 years depreciation):   € 0,009