Concept 1

An exisitng watermaker using a compressor will be developed to work on solar energy.


  1. Procurement of the most efficient DC compressor AWG, that can produce 15 liters of water at temperatures round 30 celsius and a relative humidity of 70%.
  2. This AWG will be stripped completely and rebuild in a robust way with very few components and filters, at minimal cost.
  3. Parts will be replaced in case those replacments will improve sturdyness, and in case it will make the AWG cheaper and more efficient. The AWG must be able to connect with solar panels.
  4. Water quality tests.
  5. What is the best way to produce this AWG. Preferably production will take place in the Netherlands.
  6. General publicity and specific promotion aimed at NGO’s world wide.


  • An AWG-watermaker suited for the production of drinking water for a family in warm and humid developing countries. Specially for those families who have no immediate access to to drinking water and who are therfore reliant on distant water sources with a disputable quality. Afamily where the cheapest AWG is a must-have item and where there is enough money to buy new filters when that is required. Beside that it is important that a family can protect itself against theft of the AWG or parts thereof, like the solar panels. Total production cost has to be around Eur 1100 per AWG including Eur 100 development costs. Higher  production volumes in liters per day is possible. Total production cost will increase because of the need for more solar panels. Water production cost per liter will amount to about Eur 0,029 per liter , at 8 year depreciation to Eur 200 and filter replacement twice a year at Eur 20 total. Not unsubstantial but probably lower than the alternative of walking to the nearest unreliable water source every day, with a faur chance of getting ill from poluted water or even die from it eventually. 

Development cost:

  • Procurement of two existing AWG’s:                                        € 2.500,-
  • Part to remodel AWG-watermaker:                                          € 2.000,-
  • Solar panels, current rectifier, battery                                     € 1.200,-
  • Water quality tests:                                                                      € 1.000,-
  • Labour:                                                                                          € 35.000,-
  • 10% unforseen:                                                                            € 4.200,-
  • Total:                                                                                             € 45.900,-

At a sale against cost with an additional Eur 100 per sold AWG, the development expenses can be gained back (if deamed necessary) at total sales of 4500 units.