https://www.afas.foundation/ De Afas foundation heeft een projectvoorstel, gedaan door de stichting Happy With Water, na een heuse challenge gehonoreerd met een prachtige cheque van € 12.000,-

Huygenhoek Taxaties

Huygenhoek Taxaties is our first sponsor. On the  day that our official ANBI certification came through, Huygenhoek Taxaties made a serious donation to the Foundation “Happy With Water” in accordance with its MVO-policy.

Holland Water   www.hollandwater.com

Holland Water develops, builts, installs and maintains systems that provide safe water and it makes sure the water remains safe for drinking. Holland Water supports the foundation Happy With Water with technical know how and practical skills.

Konig Groep


Site4U is the host of the  “Happy With Water” website and all that is connected to it.

Kita e-learning, design and communication

Kita has designed the site and is assisting us as users with advice and training.