Contact Happy With Water Foundation:
Leonard Roggeveenstraat 49
6708 SL Wageningen
The Netherlands

Phone Hans Konig: +31 6 51 422 961

The foundation Happy With Water was founded on April 15, 2016.

The board consists of three members:
Chairman: Tim van Hattum.
Treasurer: Jan Jonker.
Secretary: Bart de Graaff.

For the daily management Hans Konig has been appointed as director. Hans Konig performs this management function from Konig Management bv.

The foundation will make maximum use of volunteers but once the size of the organization makes it desirable, professional staff may also be recruited.

The objective of the foundation.
Improve the drinking water supply in locations where the supply is unacceptable in terms of health, safety, reliability and accessibility. The improvements will benefit those who lack a reliable and safe water supply. This foundation will contribute to increasing the well-being of the the above mentioned groups. The availability of a reliable supply of drinking water plays a decisive role.

This how the objectives are formulated in the foundations charter.

In short: The foundation aims to provide as many people as possible with reliable drinking water, where this is not the case at this time. The goal is to make the “THE DIFFERENCE” for these people.

The foundation’s short-term goal is to make the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) suitable for the use in a harsh environment without any basic infrastructure and aimed at those who live without access to  reliable fresh water. To realize the goal, the existing AWG’s have to be modified to meet specific requirements. These requirements are determined by the environmental situation in which the target audience is located. The aim is to design a basic water generator, adapted to the circumstances and audience. This basic water generator can be supplied in various forms, modified to meet requirements of the specific circumstances.

Initially  the Foundation will create as many water sources close to home, for people who have everyday problems in obtaining reliable drinking water. The Foundation wants to “Make The Difference”  for those people who encounter everyday difficulties in obtaining reliable drinking water being further away than 1 mile from a reliable source.

The foundation has identified the following steps therein:

  • Completing feasibility study. Develop prototype.
  • Production and distribution.
  • Further development in the light of user experiences and technological developments.

 Non-discrimination Statement

The Happy With Water Foundation does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, or disability.