Game Changer!


#Water shortage in #Chennai, #Dubai, #Capetown and #Indonesia? And many other places!!!!!
But is can be solved by “Water from Air” with existing off grid technology (only wind and solar) against a reasonable cost price.
Dubai: less than € 0,06 per liter
Chennai India): less than € 0,04 per liter
Cape Town: less than € 0,05 per liter
Bali: less than € 0,04 per liter.

It is as simple as that!

When a metal plate is cooled down below the dewpoint, water will start to condensate on its surface. Than it is only a matter of collecting the water. It is really not more complicated than that!  In developing countries their is often a shortage of fresh drinking water and it is in most cases difficult to reach for those who need it. However, in most of those circumstances their is no lack of sunshine! Solar heat can initiate a cooling process in the form of absortion. This cooling proces can produce water!

Free Energy (solar heat) ⇒ cooling ⇒ water at your home!

The Foundation “Happy With Water” will not only change the global water game, but will make it accessible to many people in the world who are not participating today, as well. The drinking water game is actually only played at an acceptable level by people in the western world and in parts of Asia. The rest of the world consists of tired and thirsty spectators. New technologies are waiting to be implemented thus making clean and reliable drinking water available for hundreds of millions of people  and without the need to walk for miles to get it.

That’s a huge Game Changer!


A lone children in the arid area

Access to safe drinking water close to home, has far-reaching consequences especially for children. Many children in the poorest parts of the world are instrumental in providing their families with their daily needs for drinking water. They carry Jerry Cans or jars and often have to walk many miles to the nearest water source. Doing this on a day to day basis results in the loss of valuable time that could otherwise be spent in school or simply playing.

“Happy With Water” brings school and play time back to children by providing them and their families with clean and reliable drinking water close to their homes. The distance to the water source is now only two meters instead of two miles. The immediate availability of clean water will change the quality of life tremendously. Illnesses disappear, time becomes available, school and play become a normal routine.

Technological developments only change little or nothing  in the world. Enthusiastic and committed people and organisations are needed to make them available to those in need.


Game Changers we need!

The Foundation “Happy With Water” seeks to become  the decisive Game Changer in this respect! The foundation shall make every possible effort to convert an already available technology in an efficient and practical application. A water generator is a wonderful example of an existing technological achievement that deserves to be widely implemented for the benefit of the poorest people around the world.

UNICEF calls access to reliable drinking water  a basic human right. Unfortunately many in the world have not been granted this right and do not participate in the global water game. Their rights so far consists of access to unreliable and contaminated drinking water sources mostly far away from home. That is fundamentally unfair!


Time to think about success